RelativeBlue Launches New Video Game Studio


We are very excited to announce the official launch of our new game studio, RelativeBlue Games. Earlier this year, people from across our team and network of partners came together united by their common love of video games, to build something new and exciting that they all enjoyed. The result of this effort is RelativeBlue Games. Our flagship title will be launching in the Spring of 2020, so keep an eye here and on the RelativeBlue Games website for more information on when our Steam page and Windows App store pages go live. We are aiming for a simultaneous release on Windows and Xbox.

About RelativeBlue Games
RelativeBlue Games was founded in 2019 to make the kind of games that we wanted to see more of. Our commitment is to keeping games free from paid DLC, constant patching, and releasing of non-complete or beta game modes. Once you buy the game you have the game, just like it used to be.

About RelativeBlue LLC
Dedicated to the creation, development, and support of innovative small businesses and startups. We focus on gathering and growing solution-based products. By building a community of collaboration we can overcome, create, and invent our way into the future.

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